Self-leveling concrete is a popular pourable cement that turns uneven or damaged floors into flawless, smooth surfaces. The material’s high polymer content makes it more fluid than conventional concrete, allowing for its more polished appearance and increased durability.

Pour over almost any floor

Self-leveling concrete seamlessly adheres to any subfloor (including tile, vinyl, concrete, plywood and even carpet) to restore undesirable floors or else it can be applied as its own stylish finish. For a unique look with self-leveling concrete, simply stain and coat with epoxy or leave uncolored to establish a chic industrial feel. However you decide to present your finished product, self-leveling concrete is flexible, longer lasting than traditional concrete, and 100% seamless. What’s more, it is completely waterproof, keeping moisture and bacteria growth at bay and increasing your floor’s lifespan.

Versatile, Beautiful, Cost-Efficient

Self-leveling concrete’s versatility and effectiveness also make it a cost-efficient option for repairing cracked or uneven floors, with the material starting at $5 per square foot. Instead of removing an entire damaged substrate, hire our team to pour this material over your previous floor, reinforcing the old concrete for a fraction of the cost of its removal. What’s even better? The application of self-leveling concrete allows for a quick return to use, needing only 48 to 72 hours to dry fully.

Best Uses for Self-Leveling Concrete:

  • Repair uneven or busted traditional concrete floors. No floor is beyond repair with self-leveling concrete!
  • Add as a stand-alone finish material, perfect for industrial facilities, commercial spaces and garages. Highly capable of withstanding daily wear and tear and customizable. Simply ask us about our stains and additives to complement your room’s existing colors and decorative schemes. 
  • Resurface your bumpy concrete floors with an air of style. Perfect for upgrading your basement!

Fast Flooring Solution

In short, self-leveling concrete is the fastest way to achieve the flat floor that you desire. Through our partnership with Schonox products, we’re proud to bring superior self-leveling concrete floors to the state of Montana. Say goodbye to shallow spots and slopes, cracks and caves. With Montana Custom Floors and Schonox, you’ll never have to worry about uneven floors again.

So before you commit to tearing out your old concrete, ask us how we can save you money by pouring a self-leveling concrete, with our pours ranging from 1/16 inch skim to 2 feet in depth.

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