Epoxy is a long-lasting flooring favored by homes and businesses that need a stylish, yet heavy-duty, floor built to stand the test of time. It is formed through a mixture of chemical resin and a hardening agent poured over a porous surface, most commonly, concrete. The epoxy therefore serves as protection for the concrete substrates as much as a decoration for the space in which it’s poured.

These floors are widely regarded for being aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. That is not to say, however, that epoxy is without its flaws. Before committing to an epoxy floor, consider these pros and cons to help you decide whether or not this is the right flooring for you!


Highly Customizable

Without a doubt, epoxy is a chic option, particularly for outdoor spaces or areas with a high volume of foot traffic. They can be produced in nearly any color, so that you can match an existing motif or add a pop of color to an otherwise dull space, and come in numerous textures. A smooth, glossy finish is the most popular look for epoxy floors, but any style of epoxy is sure to please.


Business owners and homeowners alike turn to epoxy for its almost unmatched durability. The mixture of a resin and a hardener forms multiple layers that adhere to an existing surface, making epoxy all the more resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure from heavy machinery and foot traffic. For this reason, epoxy is an attractive option for residential and commercial garages, basements, storage rooms, playrooms, restaurants and similar environments. Exact quotes on an epoxy floor’s lifespan will differ with its placement (indoors vs. outdoors), thickness, the quality of its installation and its level of usage. An indoor epoxy floor, for instance, will likely outlast an outdoor garage laid from the same material. Nevertheless, epoxy is certainly far more durable and stylish than the porous concrete that it coats.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy’s glossy surface shelters the concrete beneath it and makes for an almost effortless clean. The floor’s water resistant quality makes it easy to wipe up any liquids. You’ll want to beware of excess oil, paint, gasoline or harsh chemical spills, as these can lead to damage over time. Prevent staining by wiping up these fluids and spot treating the floor with warm water and a scrubbing sponge as needed. To maintain your floor’s regular shine, you can remove dirt and grime by first giving the space a good sweep with a dust mop or a broom. After that, cleaning is as easy as mopping with diluted ammonium or a specialty epoxy cleaner.

Cost Effective

Like anything else, the price of laying epoxy varies. Namely, the price of epoxy depends on the size of the space being covered, the design chosen and the rates of the team that installs it. Epoxy’s durability makes it a standout when considering its lifespan compared to other flooring options. Few other floors can boast of such longevity for the same price. Therefore, epoxy offers the most value for your money when considering its long life and the relatively low effort that its upkeep requires.



Even though epoxy is among the most long-lasting of floors, it is not a permanent solution. Epoxy, when well maintained, can last for decades, but will eventually need to be replaced.

Difficult Installation

However elegant the finished product, the installation of epoxy floors is a tedious and delicate process that requires a skilled hand to bring it to success. Laying epoxy involves several time-consuming steps, including preparing the concrete substrate and applying multiple layers of resin, at the end of which the floor must be left untouched for days in order to harden. If rushed or carried out improperly, epoxy application can result in aesthetic flaws such as surface-level chipping and air bubbles or more serious concerns like trapped moisture or damage to the substrate. In order to achieve the optimal epoxy floor, it’s better to be safe than sorry and enlist the aid of trained flooring professionals.

Epoxy in Short

Although epoxy is not without its drawbacks, it is more or less a superstar of the flooring industry. It is at once hardy and easily tailored to the unique designs of the home or business owner. Because of its low maintenance and longevity, epoxy is ultimately less costly but has a greater potential for elegance than comparable flooring.

Think that epoxy might be the flooring for you? Find the team you can trust.

If you’re interested in laying epoxy in your home or business, be sure to seek out the assistance of an experienced flooring company. As previously mentioned, epoxy can be a particularly tricky type of flooring to install and application from a team of trained professionals will yield the best result. If not applied properly, epoxy can be an eyesore or pose damage to the substrate.

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